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A rudimentary analysis of how India Inc responded to the pandemic in 2020 reveals that digital transformation has not only ensured good growth for Indian large-cap IT service companies and the Indian subsidiaries of the big tech multinationals, but also for all businesses in various other sectors as well.

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“Snitches get Stitches”.

All’s fair in love and war, and you better believe you’re already on the battlefield, soldier. Unfortunately, it’s not above a disgruntled competitor to undermine your growth by trashing your company to you to your mutual prospects. Your sales team has likely already encountered this in the field, but online it becomes a whole other…

Take Risks!

On a personal level, there is a risk of missing out on experiences and innovations that could enrich and simplify our lives. On a business level, there is the very real risk of being rendered obsolete by disruptive competitors. A balancing act must take place which weighs the risks of inaction against the potential risks…